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Any nodes can connect to our fully open network from anywhere. NKN will always nurture network openness, true peer to peer connectivity and scalability.

Individuals earn token rewards by sharing idle connectivity and transmission capability. With this incentive model, NKN not only improves user experience , but also becomes more stable and attack resistant as more nodes join the network.

NKN incentivizes individuals and enterprises to deploy new equipment, upgrade network infrastructure, enhance network capacity, and improve network connectivity and reliability.


NKN signed commercial contract with iQIYI to provide edge computing service for video content delivery. iQIYI is an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China.

NKN has signed a collaboration agreement with a division of China Mobile in Southern China: covering key areas such as cloud computing, network, and blockchain. The first real use case will be content delivery over China Mobile’s edge data center.

NKN signed a commercial contract with NETNIC for New Kind of Content Delivery Service, nCDN. By working together with NKN, NETNIC can continue to improve its content delivery services for its clientele of more than 100,000 enterprise customers.

NKN has joined the Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP) to bring NKN’s tokenized connectivity protocols and economy to projects such as Edge Compute, Open Cellular, and TIP Community Labs to help drive innovation and boost adoption of new telecom solutions.

NKN has joined the Open Network Foundation(ONF) to participate in projects such as ONOS and Stratum to enhance Software Defined Networks (SDN) as well as provide tokenized economic incentive to deploy open source infrastructure solutions.

NKN has partnered with Datapace to offer Datapace’s decentralized data marketplace and sensor ecosystem on NKN’s global peer-to-peer network

NKN is part of Nokia’s Open Ecosystem and was recognized as an innovator as part of the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2018. NKN has also partnered with Datapace, an incubator project from Nokia’s DIA (Digital Innovation Acceleration) organization to offer Datapace’s decentralized data marketplace and sensor ecosystem on NKN’s global peer-to-peer network.

Cloud Computing Platform

NKN software is available on Google Cloud Marketplace for easy setup and deployment on the Google Cloud Platform.

NKN is excited to be the first blockchain project available on the Digital Ocean Marketplace. NKN software is available for easy 1-click deployment on the Digital Ocean platform.

NKN software is available on AWS Marketplace for easy setup and deployment on AWS Cloud.

Research Partner

NKN is collaborating with Cryptic labs to drive cryptology research behind NKN’s blockchain technology. In addition, Professor Whitfield Diffie is a technical advisor to the team.

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