nCDN - A New Kind of Content Delivery Network

nCDN is a crowdsourced service offering accelerated performance for website, video, and rich media content.

Best of both worlds

Our solution combines the best of traditional and P2P CDN solutions to offer reliable, low cost content delivery at scale.

Largest shared network globally

nCDN is based on NKN’s proven decentralized network architecture with up to 20,000 nodes in more than 40 countries and regions globally.

Simple self service portal

Our self service portal makes it easy to sign up and try out how nCDN can improve the performance of your website or application.

The Right Choice

Our low cost shared network model together with NKN’s highly available global network makes nCDN the right choice for your content delivery needs.

Website admins: try nCDN Beta today!

nCDN is currently in limited beta for selected enterprise and Small Medium Business customers. Please visit for a free trial and see how nCDN can help accelerate your website globally and at scale.