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Introduction for Developers
Introduction to NKN technology
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Introduction to NKN Client SDK
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Core Technology
Decentralized Data Transmission Network (DDTN)

NKN maintains dynamic topology and routing based on Chord Distributed Hash Table for millions of nodes and clients, who can join and leave at any time. Unique NKN addresses are used to identify nodes and clients, providing an overlay on top of TCP/IP. Data can be transmitted from any client to any other client efficiently without centralized servers.

MOCA: a highly scalable consensus algorithm

NKN designed a highly scalable consensus algorithm called Major Vote Cellular Automata (MOCA) based on Cellular Automata and Ising model, and has implemented it in our next generation blockchain and peer-to-peer network across millions of nodes.

Proof of Relay (PoR)

NKN designed signature chain as a proof of relay for nodes along the route. This allows a level of secure data transmission that is not only verifiable but also impossible to tamper with or forge, and resistant to attacks.

Example DApps
Decentralized chat based on NKN Pub/Sub messaging.
Space Cats
3D multi-player action game without servers.
Secure NKN-based e2e communication solution for massive IoT devices.
NKN Wallet
Official NKN Wallet for Mainnet.
NKN Explorer
Blockchain explorer and node check.
Node and wallet tracker
Miner portal, Node and Wallet tracker.
Platform Services
NKN Switchboard
Pub/Sub real-time messaging.
New Kind of CDN using decentralized edge nodes.
Open marketplace for software services.
Efficient nano payment channel.
Bounty Programs
$ $ $
Calling for volunteers to port an open source messaging app to NKN. For the best app with >500 Daily Active Users, we pledge 100,000 NKN.
Developer resources
June 16th, 2018
V0.1 "Firefox" release
First live testnet over global nodes with all core subsystems working together
V0.3 "Lemur" release
Optimizing scalability and efficiency, SDK alpha release
V0.5 “Koala” release
Enhancing attack resistance, larger scale testnet, SDK Beta release
V0.7 “Meerkat” release
Full featured testnet with complete implementation and performance, SDK v1.0 release
V0.9 “Beluga” release
Further develop and improve NKN core system based on status of the TestNet
V1.0 “Narwhal” release
Launch MainNet & NKN ecosystem