NKN: Network Infra for Decentralized Internet
NKN is a new kind of peer to peer network connectivity protocol and ecosystem powered by a novel public blockchain. It uses economic incentives to motivate Internet users to share network connections and utilize unused bandwidth. NKN's open, efficient, and robust networking infrastructure enables application developers to build the decentralized Internet so everyone can enjoy secure, low cost, and universally accessible connectivity.
NKN is building the world’s largest blockchain network
Full nodes: 21523
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Countries and regions running NKN nodes: 37 (join as miner)
1 United States 20762 (96.48%)
2 Germany 324 (1.51%)
3 Japan 52 (0.24%)
4 India 51 (0.24%)
5 Netherlands 47 (0.22%)
6 United Kingdom 44 (0.20%)
7 France 43 (0.20%)
8 South Korea 39 (0.18%)
9 Singapore 38 (0.18%)
10 Canada 28 (0.13%)
11 China 14 (0.07%)
12 Romania 11 (0.05%)
13 Latvia 10 (0.05%)
14 Russia 10 (0.05%)
15 Moldova 5 (0.02%)
16 Spain 5 (0.02%)
17 Mexico 4 (0.02%)
18 Bulgaria 3 (0.01%)
19 Vietnam 3 (0.01%)
20 Belgium 3 (0.01%)
21 Sweden 2 (0.01%)
22 Slovakia 2 (0.01%)
23 Norway 2 (0.01%)
24 Australia 2 (0.01%)
25 Luxembourg 2 (0.01%)
26 Brazil 2 (0.01%)
27 Ukraine 1 (0.00%)
28 Turkey 1 (0.00%)
29 Poland 1 (0.00%)
30 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 (0.00%)
31 Italy 1 (0.00%)
32 Serbia 1 (0.00%)
33 Hungary 1 (0.00%)
34 Greece 1 (0.00%)
35 Finland 1 (0.00%)
36 Estonia 1 (0.00%)
37 Denmark 1 (0.00%)
38 Czechia 1 (0.00%)
NKN full nodes all around the world, with more nodes than Bitcoin network.
Extra Secure Chat

Powered by NKN

nMobile is secure mobile chat that eliminates the possibility of security and privacy breaches by removing centralized servers entirely.

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NKN Platform Services
dataRide is a decentralized PaaS (Platform as a Service) of fast, reliable, secure and low cost messaging and direct file transfer service for person to person, machine-human as well as machine-machine communication.
nCDN is a crowdsourced service offering accelerated performance for website, video, and rich media content.
dApps based on NKN
nMobile A mobile app that combines NKN wallet, D-Chat, NKN news, mining node monitoring, and IoT communication and control.
D-chat Serverless chat for public and permissioned groups, secure and private 1-on-1 chat, as well as communicate with machines.
nFTP Secure and high speed file transfer service directly between any clients without any servers.
nShell A new kind of remote shell that is more secure and convenient than ssh.
Client-Server model is expensive, complex, and prone to failure & attack
Today, most communications need to go through a centralized server, where it can be blocked or sabotaged, hacked into, or eavesdropped on.
Inefficient Network utilization results in waste of resource
The current Internet was designed for peak traffic but most of the time these networks are underutilized, wasting unused bandwidth every second.
Centralization of blockchain systems diminish trust
Many major blockchain projects use a handful of centralized servers to carry out consensus in the name of increasing transaction speed. This sacrifices trust and security, and diminishes the technical and economic strength of a true permissionless blockchain system.
NKN advantage
Millions of nodes
NKN's novel MOCA consensus algorithm is horizontally scalable and supports an arbitrary number of consensus nodes. NKN mainnet has up to 25,000 full consensus nodes, more than Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Aggregated high speed
Nodes and clients can utilize the aggregated speed of several routes. Adding more NKN nodes in the network can horizontally scale up throughput for the entire network.
Zero server
Fully peer to peer and decentralized, no need to develop and run centralized servers. Significantly reduces complexity and costs, as well as removing the single point of failure and remove the centralized target for hacking.
Unique and global ID
Unique NKN addresses enable services from anywhere in the world at any time and helps people discover and search for applications and services.
Extra security and privacy
End-to-end and hop-by-hop encryption without Public Key Infrastructure or 3rd party certificates.
Low latency
Supports all applications including real-time 3D gaming, AR/VR, and IoT. Supports edge computing and optimized routing. NKN’s data transmission is off-chain and not limited by consensus speed.
Blockchain Wallet & Explorer
Official NKN Wallet Official NKN Wallet for Mainnet
nMobile A mobile app that combines NKN wallet, D-Chat, NKN news, mining node monitoring, and IoT communication and control.
Official NKN Explorer Official NKN Explorer for Mainnet
NKN Explorer by NKNx Blockchain explorer and node check
nStatus A simple NKN node checker
Vault by NKNx Desktop wallet for Windows and Mac OS